Unlock the power of multiple networks with a single SIM card with Gamma MultiNet.

With your business in mind, Gamma has developed the most reliable Mobile Network in the UK allowing you to access the best coverage.

Built for your business.

While your competition is still struggling with bad coverage and connectivity issues, MultiNet will give you ample opportunity to carry on your work.

Best Coverage Gamma multinet

Best Coverage In The UK

No more moving around trying to find single network coverage, Gamma MultiNet will do the work for you and connect to the provider with the best coverage.

Customer Service Gamma Multinet

Enhance Your Customer Service

Stand out from the competition – be in contact with customers for longer and with faster response times. Less dropped calls means happier loyal customers.

Cost Savings Gamma Multinet

Save Money – No Need For Multiple Providers

Gamma MultiNet connects with the providers that offers the best coverage depending on where you are, no need to have multiple contracts in order to have the same benefits.

Productivity Gamma Multinet

Boost Business Productivity

Stay connected wherever there is signal available, spend more time working and less time listening to voicemail.

MultiNet gives you access to multiple networks for the best possible coverage in the UK.

We will happily create a bespoke quote for your business in order to ensure that you have access to the best possible mobility prices. Contact us today to discuss how Gamma Multinet can transform your business

Typex has been great to work with, they are very professional and knowledgeable.

Gamma Mobile - Testimonial
Brian H.
CIO, Kawasaki Motors Europe

I highly recommend Typex. They offered an efficient professional service - we were in good and safe hands.

Gamma Mobile - TestimonialJohn S.
Senior Technical Officer, Athlone Institute

Typex implemented the solution very quickly and flawlessly, they surpassed themselves.

Gamma Mobile - Testimonial
David L.
CIO, Scott & Co

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