IBM Passport Advantage

Save time and money by letting us handle your IBM licensing agreements

IBM Passport Advantage (PA) and IBM Passport Advantage Express (PAX) cover IBM Software Group licenses, software subscription and support under a single programme which covers:

–              IBM Collaboration Solutions (including Lotus Domino & Connections)

–              WebSphere

–              Rational

–              Tivoli

–              Analytics (incl. DB2)

Key Advantages

Software Subscription

Access to PA Online

Release Upgrade Entitlement

24/7 access to IBM technical support

No partner support is necessary or required

Typex will help you reduce your licensing agreement costs

Typex is one of the first IBM business partners in the world with over 25 years of experience in IBM software licensing. We can help you rearrange your licensing agreements and help you save money in the long run, especially if you are running on multiple IBM Passport Advantage contracts. We will help you obtain volume discounts and maximise your licensing agreements, with our expertise, we have helped companies save in the tens of thousand pounds simply by renegotiating, merging or eliminating their Passport Advantage contracts.

IBM puts the responsibility of having sufficient licences solely onto companies and have started auditing their clients more aggressively in the UK. We can help you make sure your licensing and agreements are up to date and are sufficient for your company.

IBM Passport Advantage

With IBM PA, you have access to better pricing with volume discount, as it was designed for larger enterprises that have multiple sites. PA gives you better pricing as your volume purchases increase over time.

IBM Passport Advantage Express

PAX was created to meet the needs of small & medium business thanks to the simplicity of transaction based acquisition.  In sum, there is no required relationship agreement and each transaction is subject to the terms and conditions effective at that time.

Are you wasting money on third party support when you have already paid IBM for it?
Do you have the most cost effective licence structure for your current and planned usage?
Contact us today quoting your PA renewal date to get your free cost savings analysis.

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