IBM Verse

A completely reimagined view of what mail should be

Why can’t we do that today? Don’t I already have all these tools and they’ve only made it worse for me, not better. How will Verse help and not be yet another tool to further complicate my work life? Let’s look a little more closely.

Traditional email is part of an environment where I don’t know which app to use: email, text, chat, meetings, phones, paper, social networking and more. Verse creates one integrated, clean, clear space I can access anywhere, anytime.

Traditional mail doesn’t help me know what to focus on. There’s no single view of what’s important so I struggle to decide what’s next. With IBM Verse, you get a single top-actions view based on my priorities and behaviors.

Mail is great for lots of things but often it’s just too hard to share. Cumbersome download-find-upload sharing means things don’t get shared and die in people’s inboxes. With Verse, in 2 clicks you can share, even share-on-send, to help me and everyone I work with see things more transparently.

Mail is great for lots of things but often it’s just too hard to share. Cumbersome download-find-upload sharing means things don’t get shared and die in people’s inboxes. With Verse, in 2 clicks you can share, even share-on-send, to help me and everyone I work with see things more transparently.

Mail that understands you

Cloud-enabled, designed for mobile devices, and powered by IBM’s analytics and advanced search, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around.

Less clutter more clarity

Experienced through a simple, see-only-what-you-need interface, IBM Verse helps you focus on the things that matter most.

Connecting me to we

With an array of intelligent, secure and engaging social apps, IBM Verse opens up new ways to work together.

The Multi-tasker

The issue: I lose count of how many applications I need just to get my day-to-day work done. I need one app for my email, another for file sharing, a third social networking, not to mention my calendar, to-do list, document editing, notepad … the list goes on.

Today’s way: I have about 20 tabs in my browser and 10 applications open on my desktop at any one time. Switching between them not only takes time, it also makes it much harder to concentrate on any one task at hand.

The IBM Verse Way: organize my entire workday from one personalized, easy-to-use space, and cleans away the clutter that I don’t need to worry about. Without having to switch between apps to try to stay on top of what’s important, I can focus on actually getting my work done.

The Searcher

The issue: The more information that floods in, the harder it becomes to find the right info. That goes for contact info, other details on co-workers like job duties or department, specific messages in email threads, content – it all gets buried and takes time and effort to uncover.

Today’s way: I keep running searches until, with a little luck, I hit upon the query that gets me the information I’m after. When I want to know something about co-workers, I generally have to go to two or three places – usually in different applications – and look up each colleague separately.

The IBM Verse Way: Quickly drill down into your Verse search results with a range of powerful filters. Find not only exactly what you were looking for, but hidden gems you’d forgotten about or never knew existed. Meanwhile, simple yet informative business cards save you from having to expend effort to learn what you need to know about your fellow employees.

The Sharer

The issue: Sharing content, files, knowledge, etc. is crucial, but the tools I have make it tough. It takes a lot of effort to move a file from one application to another, for example, or to move a conversation out of email and into a community.

Today’s way: With files, I usually have to download it from one app, open another app, then navigate to the file – if I can recall where I saved it. With conversations, I must carefully edit before posting to a community and then set up controls so only certain people get access.

The IBM Verse Way: Verse doesn’t just let me share, it lets me build relationships. Sharing conversation threads, docs and more lets me show my boss and colleagues what I’m working on, what expertise I have and where I need help. Collaborating with coworkers is easier than ever with incredibly efficient two-click sharing with a share-on-send feature.

The On-the-Go Worker

The issue: I’m always connected, and I want and need to be able to get my work done no matter where I am.

Today’s way: When I switch from my desktop to my mobile device or vice versa, I spend as much time getting set back up as I do actually working on the task.

The IBM Verse Way: I now have quick access to whatever I was working on, letting me keep up to date while I’m not in the office and jump right back into it when I return. That goes for calendar entries (where do I need to be?), emails from your ‘favorites’ or actions needed.

The Tech Professional

The issue: My users don’t need more information, nor another disconnected tool to help them manage it.

Today’s way: I lock down users from leveraging rogue collaborative apps until we can vet each app – which means my users don’t like me very much.

The IBM Verse Way: I can finally provide my users with an integrated experience that works with what they have now and what they will have in the future, in a way that makes sense to them, whether that’s on the web or mobile. That means I can spend less time being a complaint desk and more time driving business results … without putting the company at risk.

The Business Leader

The issue: My teams are frustrated, disengaged and can’t keep up with the pace of business, because they are drowning in information and can’t tell what’s important anymore – and our current applications are inadequate to help them.

Today’s way: Some of my team members use their own, non-sanctioned software. I’m guilty myself – I buy cloud-based services on my departmental budget without IT approval.

The IBM Verse Way: My teams feel empowered by a tool that is easy to use and keeps all the most important information right at the fore. They feel engaged as they are able to focus on their actual job duties. For my part, I am more productive as I can respond rapidly to changing business conditions without always having to rely on IT.

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