ShoreTel’s IBM Sametime Integration

Bring telephony presence and call control to Sametime

Unified messaging with Lotus Notes

Shoretel Communicator for IBM Sametime is a powerful and reliable collaboration and unified communications solution that combines the power of IP Telephony and unified messaging with the Sametime and communications and colllaboration tools.

Remote Call Control & Presence

From within your Notes embedded Sametime or connect client call, transfer conference hold and hang up and display telephony presence, live text support to recognise phone numbers within Notes content. C

Shoretel + IBM Benefits

Shortel and IBM Sametime integration provides a feature rich unified communication solution bringing flexibility to ShoreTel and IBM Sametime customers. Protect existing IT investment where you live in preferred desktop application and live on  your preferred collaboration platform.

The demand for more efficient and productive communications has triggered major advances in unified communications (UC), driving the integration of what were once separate silos – information technology, communications, and application software. The ShoreTel UC system already offers this level of integration with ShoreTel Communicator, but organizations that have already deployed IBM Sametime may prefer to standardize on that application, rather than force end users to switch. ilink recognizes that every organization has a different approach and a unique roadmap for UC. Additionally, enterprises may prefer to standardize on existing platforms without forcing end-users to switch or learn new tools when looking to enhance social communications. ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime is a powerful and reliable collaboration and unified communications solution that combines the power of IP telephony and unified messaging with the IBM Sametime communications and collaboration tools.


Work in the environment where you already live Work with ShoreTel voice mail in Sametime Connect When you’re intently focused on a project at hand, the last thing you want to do is break your concentration to see if the blinking red light on your deskphone is the answer to a question you’ve been waiting on, or a completely separate topic requiring a new train of thought. Via ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime, it’s easy to work with voice calls straight from your desktop. The ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime plugin enables advanced communications and provides features commonly available from an enterprise VoIP deskphone as part of unified messaging capabilities within Lotus Notes. This includes information on voice messages and the ability to listen and reply to, create, and manage voice mails with full ShoreTel visual voicemail implementation. All of your missed calls and new voice mail notifications are forwarded to Lotus Notes as a .wav attachment in your inbox. To easily delineate between types of messages, voice mail is separated from your email in a convenient voice mail tab located within the plugin.


Control your calls Without adding additional clutter to one’s desktop, call logs remain available for historical reference and ShoreTel telephony presence becomes visible to all IBM Sametime contacts – all within the familiar IBM Sametime and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino interfaces users are accustomed to. The IBM Sametime solution with ShoreTel plug-in allows users to call, transfer, conference, hold, or hang up their softphone. All calls remain stacked within the existing viewer frame – eliminating messy multitudes of pop-up windows. When running Lotus Notes with Sametime embedded, live text is supported to recognize phone numbers in Lotus Notes content, so you can simply click-to-call a contact number included within an email. Users can also click to dial from business cards within IBM Sametime contacts. Extension assignment and softphone settings are readily available for edit via simple setting control within IBM Sametime.


Telephony presence: end the game of phone tag Anyone who has ever played phone, IM or email tag trying to finish up important tasks, knows how much more productive and efficient it could be if they received an alert when the person they were trying to reach became available. By integrating ShoreTel’s true telephony presence capabilities, users can now know when collaborators are truly available to connect with. Telephony presence is seamlessly integrated within the IBM Sametime user interface. Telephony status alerts are available through the “Camp-On” option in the software. This will provide you with a notification when the person you are trying to reach is off the phone or available. And, for the end-user, ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime integrates with your Lotus Notes calendar for automatic call handling mode control. So, if your calendar reflects you as “in a meeting” your telephony status will automatically change to “in a meeting”.

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