Converged Connectivity

Data and Voice via a single connection

How it works…

How Converged Connectivity works

IP Converged Connectivity utilises an IP connection to run both your data and voice traffic, saving you the rental cost on two (or more) separate connections.

A ‘pipe’ is connected between your site and the service provider. This ‘pipe’ is then used for all voice and data services. Depending on the number of SIP channels and your data needs, we are able to work out your required bandwidth and determine your connection method – this can either be ADSL, Ethernet or Fibre.

To ensure 24 hour uptime, we are able to install standby lines. For instance, if you have a Fibre connection running both voice and data, we could install an FTTC or EFM line as a failover, ensuring your core services stay up if your primary connection went down.

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